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Email spark@encender.co.zw Call Now! +263779997597

Big Data Analysis

Improve Precision Agriculture Techniques With Big Data.Hiding within those mounds of data is knowledge that could change your life.Our goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.

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Web and App Design

We develop custom Agricultural softwares . We can also craft your digital marketing and web experiences around your goals ! We are dedicated, multi-tasking, and always laser-focused on your bottom line.

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Social Network Monitoring

Creating your social media and online marketing strategy doesn’t need to be painful. Lets make it easy for you yet result oriented

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Featured Beta Application

AgroAlert is a new, innovative service that offers early warning for extreme weather phenomena that have major impact in agriculture. Cold and heat waves and also a geocentric based knowledge and advisory tool for farmers based in Zimbabwe

Markets Analysis

  • Alerts on marketprice trends,changes
  • Produce vs Time Analysis
  • User demanded Price figures

Location Retargeting

  • customised locational notices
  • Realtime Broadcast channel
  • Locational Weather

news and feeds

  • Latest farming news
  • Farming Legislation alerts
  • twitter handle notices

Weather Alerts

  • Broad and localised weather forecasts
  • Extreme weather alerts
  • + much more

Breeding information system

E-Brida is an advanced breeding information system with extensive options for (mobile) data registration and analysis. The software has been developed based on experience over more than 3 years.

Agro-Alerts Realtime

Agro-Alerts is a a geocentric based knowledge and advisory tool for farmers based in Zimbabwe .Program Provides everyday farming news and feeds and

  • weather forecasts
  • market analyses and pricing structures
  • promotions ,offers , around your areas
  • everyday farming news and feeds

Our Agriculture Software Development Solutions

  • Livestock management sys
  • Farm management sys
  • Precision Agriculture Techniques With Big Data
  • Green Custom Water Management Applications

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